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Clinica Hospital Kalitea

Clínica Hospital Kalitea

Dirección: Acrópolis 25, Kalitea, 84066 Nogales, Son.

Teléfono: +52 (631) 320 5440


Dr. Briseño Cardiology
Dr. Cortes Cardiology
Dr. Dany González General Surgery
Dr. Diego Chavez Coloprotology
Dr. Hector Salgado Gynecology
Dr. Jorge Soto Otorhinolaryngologist
Dr. Méndez Angiologist
Dr. Morales Trauma
Dr. Muriel Urologist
Dr. Raúl García Urologist
Dr. Rolando Encinas General Surgery
Dr. Sánchez Maxillo
Dr. Solís Cardiology
Dr. Zúñiga General Surgery
Dra. Annia Salgado Gynecology
Dra. Núñez Urgenciologist and Traumatology
Dra. Quintanar Intensivist
Dra. Rembao Endoscopy

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