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Centro Medico del Noroeste

Centro Medico del Noroeste San Luis Río Colorado

Contact Information

Ave. Kino y Calle 12 Colonia Comercial. San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora

To set your appointment please call:

Phone USA: 928 487 2209

Phone MEX: +52 653 534 1245

Lunes a Sáb 9:00 am a 1:00 pm y de 4:00 pm a 8:00pm


Dra. Guadalupe Covarrubias Allergology
Dra. Marcia Moreno Allergology
Dr. Jesus Octavio Campa Anesthesiology
Dr. Jesus Capiz Anesthesiology
Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Ochoa Angiology
Dr. Ricardo Diaz Armenta Angiology
Dr. Jorge Gutierrez Medina Cardiology
Dr. Javier Castañeda Lopez Cardiology
Dr. Edgar F. Payan Arechiga General Medicine
Dra. Maria Azucena Pacheco General Medicine
Dra. Catalina Lara Alvidrez General Medicine
Dr.Daniel Reynaga Gastroenterology / Proctology
Dr. Pedro Torres Gastroenterology
Dr. Gabriel Omar Ramos General Surgeon / Oncology
Dr. Miguel A Rivera General Surgeon
Dra. Hilda Parra Gynecology
Dr. Homero Flores Gynecology
Dra. Julieta Marquez Gynecology
Dra. Concepcion Garcia Internal Medicine
Dr. Enrique Davalos Ruiz Neurosurgeon
L.N.E. Gael Jauregui Morales Nutriology
Dr. Javier Aceves Ophthalmology
Dra. Alejandra Guerra Puga Orthopedics
Dr. Juan De Dios Ramirez Gil L. Orthopedics
Dr. Hector Sanchez de la Vega Orthopedics
Dra. Diana Zamora Gonzalez Otorhinolaryngology
Dra. Ana Gabriela Hernandez Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. Luis Ramos Pediatry
Lic. Andrea Payan L. Physical Rehab
Lic. Ivana Payan L. Physical Rehab
Dr. Daniel Reynaga Morelos Proctology
Dra. Gilda Corpus Campos Psychiatry
Lic. Jaazia Ibarra Psychology
Dra. Alma Yadira Sauceda Rheumatology
Dr. Javier Olivares Rivera Urology
Dr. Wolfgang Willen Urology
Dr. Javier Olivares Urology

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